Retail Therapy! Where to Shop in Santiago

Santiago is a shopping mecca for those who want to take home some great quality, original presents for others or just for yourself! Here is our go-to list of where to shop in Santiago!

These are some of our favorite shops in Santiago when you are in need of retail therapy!

Take a look at our guide to the best shops in Santiago, and get your retail therapy while in the Galician capital!

Galería Sargadelos

This is one of our favorite shops in Santiago for an authentic piece of Galician history! This Galician ceramic company produces beautiful dinnerware, ornaments and even jewelry. They’ve been making high-quality ceramics since the early 19th century. They’re so original in design and of such good quality that they’re often given by locals as wedding presents!

Address: Rúa Nova, 16

These shops in Santiago are full of local artwork, design and talent. Like the famous Galician ceramics brand Sargadelos
A beautiful plate made by the iconic Galician company. Photo Credit: Iago Pillado

Gastroteca SCQ

A one-stop shop for all your foodie needs! This is one of the best shops in Santiago for great local wines, conserves, Galician liqueurs, cheeses, olive oil, seaweed from the Galician coast and much more. If you want to take home a delicious bite of Galicia then look no further. Don’t miss the fantastic tinned seafood and Galician cava that make perfect presents for friends back home! If you want to try a glass or two of delicious Galician wine, join us for an Evening Santiago Tapas Tour for wine and tasty traditional Galician dishes!

Address: Rúa do Preguntoiro, 34

Shops in Santiago are full of treasure like these great wines!
Lots of amazing wine to take home!

Pili Carrera

Known as the “stylist of the princesses,” this Galician baby and children’s clothing designer’s creations are worn by many a European princess, as well as many well-dressed babies and children all over the world! If you’re looking for delicately made dresses, sophisticated patterns and on-trend styling for your little one, this is the shop for you!

Address: Rúa do Xeneral Pardiñas, 8

Roberto Verino

This is a famous Galician designer known for his flair, top-quality materials and elegant clothing. Roberto Verino is a must for those who want to walk away with some home-grown design talent in their suitcase. This is one of our favorite shops in Santiago when we want to spend some money on something truly amazing!

Address: Rúa do Xeneral Pardiñas, 36

These fab shops in Santiago are just the thing when you need a bit of retail therapy!
Roberto Verino knows how to rock the runway! Photo Credit:  D.Sinova


This is one of the best shops in Santiago if you’re looking for clothes for a special event or wedding. We just love the original looks, bright colors and great styling of the clothes and shop! Don’t forget to ask the staff for advice—they really know what they’re talking about!

Address: Rúa do Xeneral Pardiñas, 22

O Graneiro de Amelia

You’ll smell this shop before you even go in! That’s because they specialize in spices, teas, flours, beans, artisan pastas, nuts and more, all sold by weight. Don’t miss out on their paella spice mix so you can try this classic Spanish dish back home.

Address: Rúa do Preguntoiro, 16

Some of our favorite shops in Santiago are all about food. This is one of the best in the city for spices, nuts and artisan pasta.
Spices make a great souvenir from your Galician vacation.


A specialist Spanish ham shop where you can get an exquisite ham bocadillo (sandwich), as well as cured Spanish sausages, olive oils, wines and liqueurs. If you don’t want to commit to a whole bocadillo, get one of their paper cones filled with pieces of cured ham or tiny sausages to snack on while you continue your tour of the shops!

Address: Rúa da Caldeirería, 40

Foodie shops in Santiago are great places to indulge your palate and your wallet!
Perfectly-sliced delicious Spanish ham!

Now that you’ve got all the shopping sorted, make sure you get a taste of the best of Santiago’s fantastic local cuisine before you leave. Join us for a fun food walking tour to visit traditional tapas bars, historic pastry shops, local wine bars and other places Galicians love. Limited space available, so book now!

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