A Stroll Through the Galician Countryside: Top Five Vineyard Tours Near Santiago

The Atlantic coast of Galicia is home to many vineyards producing exceptional wines, especially of the Albariño variety. There’s so much to discover outside Santiago!

Albariño is the grape which is used to make this fruity wine with floral notes. The Rias Baixas (Lower Estuaries) is the location of many beautiful bodegas or wineries. The Rias Baixas have a Denomination of Origin seal which means that wines which advertise this on their bottles have been made in a more artisanal way and are from a certain area (in this case, the Rias Baixas). It’s a great way to distinguish a high-quality product when faced with a range of different options.

One of the great things about being in Santiago is that many of these wineries are nearby! So, when you feel the need to explore a bit more of the lush Galician countryside, check out our list of the best vineyard tours near Santiago for a breath of fresh air!

Santiago is a fun place to explore, but sometimes you need to get out of the city! Take a vineyard tour near Santiago for a breath of fresh Galician air!

1. Martin Codax

A stunning winery situated on top of a hill with views out to the sea is the perfect place to produce wine! Take a tour of this winery with a tasting of its wines and a bonus sensory tasting! You can choose from their huge selection of tours, including visits to the winery with tastings, visits to the vineyard and winery with tastings and an opportunity to actually harvest the grapes at harvesting time! There are so many other fun tour ideas at this winery. Check out their website for more details. It has to be on the list of our top vineyard tours near Santiago!

Address: Burgans 91, Vilarino, Cambados, Spain

The Martin Codax winery has wonderful views of the sea and is the perfect place to learn more about Galician wines, which makes it one of our top vineyard tours near Santiago.
A wine tasting at the scenic Martin Codax winery!

2. Marques de Vizhoja

This family-run winery managed by two brothers was founded almost 50 years ago in the Galician countryside. Their stunning white wines can be enjoyed all over the world. If you want to see the winery in action and visit the beautiful vineyards, then you should take a trip to the province of Pontevedra, a mere 90-minute drive from Santiago. Their belief in traditional wine-making, using less industrial machinery and more manual processes, results in truly spectacular wines!

Address: Finca La Moreira, Arbo, Pontevedra

This fantastic Galician winery is set among beautiful vineyards in the countryside. A perfect place for a vineyard tour near Santiago!
The amazing vineyards of Marques de Vizhoja! Photo Credit: Marques de Vizhoja 

3. Palacio de Fefiñanes

Almost a century old, this winery produces great Galician white wines from the local Albariño grape. The winery is located in the main square of Cambados—the capital of Galician Albariño wine, only 45 minutes from Santiago. The palace is a historic and interesting building in itself, and when paired with a winery visit and tasting, it’s a fantastic way to spend an afternoon in Galicia!

Address: Praza Fefinans, Cambados, Spain

The Palacio de Fefiñanes is a historic and beautiful winery in the middle of Cambados. It's definitely on our list of top vineyard tours near Santiago!
The beautiful Palacio de Fefiñanes in the sunshine!

4. Paco & Lola

One of our favorite vineyard tours near Santiago is this exciting, well-known winery that’s only 12 years old! It’s already a famous Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin winery for its stand-out polka-dot labeling. It’s a wine cooperative with over 400 partners who produce the grapes that make this delicious wine! Paco & Lola are the biggest cooperative of its kind in the Rias Baixas Denomination of Origin area. The winery is also part of the Life + Atlantic Vineyards Project which aims to reduce the use of chemicals in the wine-making process. With various options for visits, it’s a great place to learn more about the famous Galician Albariño wine!

Address: Rua Valdamor 18, Meano, Spain

5. Mar de Frades

This amazing, modern winery set atop a hill offers great views and great wine! A short 45-minute drive from Santiago, this winery produces the fantastic Albariño white wine, but don’t miss the lovely sparkling wine and liqueurs that are also on offer. On your tour you will hear all about the trip from vineyard to bottle of the Mar de Frades wines. You can even see the wines aging in an atmospheric cave-like room! A must-see on your list of vineyard tours near Santiago!

Address: Finca Valiñas, Meis, Pontevedra

The Mar de Frades winery is a great place to visit and learn about Galician wine! One of our top vineyard tours near Santiago!
The modern Mar de Frades winery! Photo Credit: Mar de Frades

Want to learn more about Galician wines as well as its great gastronomy? Take an Insider’s Tapas & Wine Tour with us for a truly memorable evening in Santiago. We’ll visit some of our favorite local places and try lots of Galician specialities. We’ll also taste some fantastic Galician wines and dig deeper into the history of wines from this region! Don’t miss out!

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