Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Santiago

Traveling in a ham-heavy country like Spain can be difficult for those who are vegan and vegetarian. Difficult, but not impossible!

You don’t have to miss out on Galicia’s glorious gastronomy just because you don’t eat meat or other animal products. Santiago de Compostela’s dynamic restaurant scene has you covered. These are some of the best places for vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago!

Looking for the best vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago? You've come to the right place! With our guide to eating vegan & vegetarian in Santiago, you'll discover the best of what the city has to offer!

Galicians take as much pride in their premium produce as they do in their cuisine as a whole. The ingredients at most restaurants are so fresh and locally sourced that they give new meaning to the “farm-to-table” movement.

On our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure, we’ll take you inside Santiago’s vast farmers’ market, which is filled daily with Galicia’s finest local products. We’ll shop, talk with the vendors who dedicate their lives to raising crops in Galicia’s rolling hills and sample traditional dishes at our favorite restaurants and cafés. Come and see for yourself just how varied Galicia’s gastronomy can be! This tour is also great for vegetarians.

Santiago de Compostela boasts a number of restaurants that feature Galician produce front-and-center. These are some of our favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Santiago:

Entre Pedras

According to locals, this restaurant hits the three B’s: Bueno, bonito y barato. That is to say it’s good, nice and cheap. Their menu of vegan and vegetarian burgers, including tasty varieties made with lentils or nuts, are served in hardy portions to ensure satisfaction. Here, they know how to mix complementing flavors, as evidenced by their unique toasts and wraps. Located just north of the Old Town, this is an essential stop when looking for vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago!

Address: Rúa do Hospitaliño, 18
Hours: Wednesday through Sunday 19:00-1:00; Closed Monday and Tuesday

Hummus topped with fresh spices is a great choice when looking for vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago. There's something for everyone in Santiago's culinary scene! Explore it with us on our Insider's Tapas & Wine Evening tour!
There’s nothing quite like hummus topped with fresh spices!

Malak Bistro

For typical Galician dishes with a Middle Eastern twist, this is your place! Located on the southern edge of the Old Town, Malak Bistro serves up fusion vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes like no place else in Santiago. They feature ingredients like chickpeas, tofu, rice and couscous and spice things up with saffron, turmeric, thyme, cumin and curry. Definitely a bit more exotic than your traditional Galician food and a great choice for vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago!

Address: Rúa das Orfas, 27 
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 12:00-15:30, 19:00-23:30; Sunday 12:30-15:15, 18:00-22:30; Tuesday 19:00-22:30

Galipizza Santiago

With five locations around Galicia, Galipizza has become a local favorite by way of their outstanding, uniquely Galician pizzas. If you’ve been traveling a while, you might be sick of eating pizza as it’s often an easy vegetarian option. But Galipizza is worth the stop! They pile their pizzas high with fresh vegetables, from common pizza toppings like pepper and mushroom to original toppings like turnip greens, wakame seaweed, asparagus, and broccoli rabe (Galicians have a unique obsession with broccoli rabe).

This is also a great place to go if your travel companions do not have dietary restrictions. With a variety of other pizzas, pastas, burgers and local dishes on the menu, there’s something for everyone.

Address: Avenida da Liberdade, 12
Hours: Monday through Thursday 12:00- 17:00 and 19:00-1:00; Friday through Sunday 12:00-1:00

A tomato salad topped with greens is a delicious example of vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago. Galicia's agriculture makes for a dynamic culinary tradition. Try some of our favorite typical dishes on one of our tours! Just say the word and we can accommodate your vegetarian diet!
Produce in Galicia is so fresh and natural that a simple salad like this tastes like a treat!

Hervor e Fervor

This chic, artsy restaurant just north of Santiago’s Old Town proves that you don’t need to sacrifice ambiance to have a good meal! They use premium quality ingredients to create original vegan and vegetarian dishes including hummus and olive tapenade, toasts, and creative potato gnocchi recipes. With a lovely wait-staff and talented owners, this is also a great place to sit and enjoy an infusion or a cocktail.

Address: Praciña das Penas, 2
Hours: Monday through Thursday 19:00-1:30; Friday 19:00-3:00; Saturday 13:00-3:00; Sunday 13:00-1:30


For a gourmet foray into creative vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago, Manso offers options that will please, and even surprise you. In order for them to accommodate your dietary restrictions, you must reserve and let them know ahead of time. Their excellent, beautifully presented food is worth a little bit of planning ahead!

Address: Avenida de Vilagarcía, 21
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 13:00-17:00, 20:00-1:00; Sunday 13:00-17:00; Closed Monday

Veggie burgers are delicious! It's always good to know the great vegetarian restaurants in Santiago! Any of Devour Galicia's Food Tours can be made to accommodate a vegetarian diet. Just let us know when you book, and we'll take you to the best places to try traditional vegetarian dishes at our favorite spots in Santiago!
This freshly-made veggie burger is ready to be devoured!

Restaurante A Tulla

This small tavern located in a hidden plaza on a side street is an oasis of vegan and vegetarian food in Santiago. Their popular vegetarian prix fixe menu for ten euros features a range of options, from spinach dumplings to rice “meatballs.” The menu changes according to what’s in season, and their terrace is ideal on a nice day. Their non-vegetarian/vegan fare is done equally well, for those who will be dining with meat-eaters.

Address: Calle Ruela Entrerruas, 1
Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 13:00-16:00, 20:30-24:00; Sunday through Tuesday 13:00-16:00

TS A Casa

TS A Casa specializes in light fare like veggie burgers and toasts, as well as simple tapas like hummus and vegetable plates. They also feature a variety of fresh fruit juices and smoothies. The marvelous staff and cozy vibe will make you want to hang out here all day!

Address: Rua de San Pedro N 113
Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 13:00-24:00; Thursday through Saturday 13:00-2:00; Sunday 13:00-16:00 (Kitchen 13:00-16:00; 20:00-23:00)

Galicians know you don’t need meat to make a meal. While in Santiago, you don’t have to give up trying local and traditional dishes just because you’re vegan or vegetarian! Devour Galicia Food Tours can accommodate vegetarian diets on our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure and our evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour. Make sure to note your specific dietary restrictions and we will show you the best vegetarian food in Santiago!

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