Complete Vegetarian Guide to Santiago

A tomato salad topped with greens. Vegetarian restaurants in Santiago are not only inventive but they use the freshest local produce to make their delicious dishes.

Galicia can seem like a meat-lover’s paradise, but vegetarians have lots of delicious foodie options too. So here’s our pick of the best vegetarian restaurants in Santiago, plus our go-to veggie shops and veggie tapas!  It seems like all the tapas bars and restaurants you pass by are displaying meat and fish dishes in all […]

Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Santiago

Veggie burgers are delicious! It's always good to know the great vegetarian restaurants in Santiago! Any of Devour Galicia's Food Tours can be made to accommodate a vegetarian diet. Just let us know when you book, and we'll take you to the best places to try traditional vegetarian dishes at our favorite spots in Santiago!

Traveling in a ham-heavy country like Spain can be difficult for those who are vegan and vegetarian. Difficult, but not impossible! You don’t have to miss out on Galicia’s glorious gastronomy just because you don’t eat meat or other animal products. Santiago de Compostela’s dynamic restaurant scene has you covered. These are some of the best places for vegan […]