Winter Wonderland! Best Things to Do in Santiago in Winter

Santiago in winter is a great place to visit! We have the best ideas for things to do in the city during this magical season!

Santiago de Compostela is a magical place to visit in winter. The Christmas lights, the decorated shop windows and all the great seasonal things to eat make this one of the best times of the year to visit Santiago! Santiago’s historic center isn’t teaming with tourists because the pilgrimage or Camino of Santiago is much […]

Best Historical Bars in Santiago

Soak up the atmosphere at one of the most popular historical bars in Santiago!

Spain is known for having more bars per person than any other country in the world! So it’s no surprise we love hanging out at our local bar! But some bars have a bit more history and tradition behind them than most. While these tapas bars may differ in décor and clientele, they are certainly […]

Retail Therapy! Where to Shop in Santiago

Some of our favorite shops in Santiago are all about food. This is one of the best in the city for spices, nuts and artisan pasta. Shopping is always a fun thing to do in Santiago in winter!

Santiago is a shopping mecca for those who want to take home some great quality, original presents for others or just for yourself! Here is our go-to list of where to shop in Santiago! Take a look at our guide to the best shops in Santiago, and get your retail therapy while in the Galician […]

Complete Vegetarian Guide to Santiago

A tomato salad topped with greens. Vegetarian restaurants in Santiago are not only inventive but they use the freshest local produce to make their delicious dishes.

Galicia can seem like a meat-lover’s paradise, but vegetarians have lots of delicious foodie options too. So here’s our pick of the best vegetarian restaurants in Santiago, plus our go-to veggie shops and veggie tapas!  It seems like all the tapas bars and restaurants you pass by are displaying meat and fish dishes in all […]

Delicious Tradition: Where to Eat Paella in Santiago

Looking for a delicious paella in Santiago? We've got our top picks for best places to eat rice in the city!

You might already know a thing or two about Spain’s most famous dish, paella. Originating in Valencia, this rice dish can include vegetables, seafood and meat! Did you know you can also find this wondrous dish in Galicia? When it comes to making a great paella, timing and ingredients are everything. Galicia’s superior seafood, meat and vegetable supplies give the […]

Rise and Shine! 5 Great Places for Breakfast in Santiago

From sweet to savory, these are our top picks for best breakfast in Santiago de Compostela.

While Spaniards don’t enjoy an elaborate breakfast on a regular basis, they certainly take the business of breakfast very seriously! Whether you opt for a liquid start to the day like a Spaniard or seek something more substantial, here are five great places for breakfast in Santiago.  Insider’s Tip: When heading out for breakfast in […]