Fresh from the Oven: Our Favorite Pastry Shops in Santiago!

It seems like there’s a pastry shop around every corner in Galicia, but that shouldn’t be cause for concern! If you feel overwhelmed about where to go or what to order, fear not! Because here’s our list of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago!

The best place to find freshly-baked local breads, cakes and pastries in Galicia are at pastry shops. Our selection of the best pastry shops in Santiago will point you in the right direction!

Pastelería Mercedes Mora

This is one of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago for the famous tarta de Santiago or Santiago cake, since this light, nutty ground almond cake is synonymous with Santiago—but remember, not all Santiago cakes are made equal! This pastelería (pastry shop) makes one of the city’s most delicious versions, and it has beautiful packaging to boot! This family-run pastry shop’s claim to fame is that the original baker was the first to put the powdered sugar cross of Saint James on top of the cake!

Address: Rúa do Vilar, 50

Why not try some Tarta de Santiago on your trip to the region! Try it in one of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago!
Delicious tarta de Santiago!

Pastelería Las Colonias

This pastry shop has a century of history behind it, and its wrought iron signage is testament to that! If you visit this delicious stop, don’t miss the sweet meringue pastry! It’s a white pillow of meringue topped by flaky pastry with multiple layers—a must for all meringue lovers! Pair this with a delicious café con leche, and you’ve got an ideal afternoon snack!

Address: Rúa Orfas, 30

Panadería A Tafona

A cute, medieval-looking bakery with an open kitchen, so if you visit in the morning, then you’ll most likely get a glimpse of the bakers busily making cakes, breads and pastries! That’s why it’s one of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago, and it’s a great option for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

Address: Rúa Preguntoiro, 20

Breakfast should always be from a great local bakery in our opinion! These pastry shops in Santiago offer fantastic artisan croissants that are crying out to be eaten!
Freshly baked flaky croissants!

Pastelería Tentación

Let the bright, fun décor of this pastry shop invite you right into its doors, and you won’t be disappointed! You can’t go wrong with any of their pastries, but we especially like their pastas which are delicious crumbly cookies. Our favorites are the walnuts, chocolate or cherry flavors!

Address: Rúa Caldeirería, 21

These Spanish cookies are great with coffee or hot chocolate for an afternoon treat! Pick some up at one of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago!
Delicious Spanish cookies, perfect with a cup of café!

Doce Amargor

This pastry shop specializes in handmade chocolate bars and bonbons. Since it’s inside Santiago’s main market, it’s the perfect pit stop after a morning of shopping. The best thing about this pastry shop is the way they infuse local flavors into their chocolate goodies. So you should definitely try the chocolate bar made with Santiago’s traditional almond cake, or the one made with Galician coffee liqueur, to see what we mean!

Address: Praza de Abastos, 6

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