Spoil Your Loved Ones With Gourmet Food Gifts From Santiago

Everyone likes to buy themselves a little something to remember that amazing vacation—but giving is even better!

Galicia’s reputation for fantastic food is the best reason to give the gift of deliciousness to your friends and family back home. Pick up any of these gourmet food gifts from Santiago and you’re sure to make an impression when you return!

There couldn't be a better selection of gourmet food gifts from Santiago! Check out these amazing gifts to impress your loved ones back home!

Artisan Liqueurs

We all love to try the local firewater when in foreign lands and the tasty Galician liqueurs are not to be missed! Galicians love to end a big meal with a shot of one of their three traditional liqueurs. The base of each is the orujo liqueur made from grape skins, seeds and stalks.

The tradition of making liqueur from grapes came about when families produced their own wine centuries ago in Galicia! Nowadays there are high-quality commercial producers of the liqueurs who make the traditional over-50% alcohol content liqueur along with flavor variations. There are three principal varieties of orujo in Galicia; coffee flavored (licor de café), herb infused (licor de hierbas) and the creamy crema de orujo! They make for original gourmet food gifts from Santiago!

Try wonderful Galician liqueur, seafood, cured meats and so much more on our walking foodie tours in Santiago! Visit authentic local food shops, wine bars and tapas hot spots to get a taste of what it’s like to eat like a Galician!

Tarta de Santiago

Santiago’s famous cross-bearing almond cake is everywhere in the city! Those who love almonds will certainly want to take some home as gourmet food gifts from Santiago. Made exclusively from ground almonds, it’s nutty, sweet and oh-so-delicious! We love the cakes in Pasteleria Mercedes Mora (Rúa do Vilar, 50); already beautifully packaged and in various sizes, these cakes are ready to take home!

One of the best gourmet food gifts from Santiago is this delicious local almond cake!
Delicious Tarta de Santiago!

Galician Cheeses

Tetilla, San Simón da Costa, Arzua Ulloa and Cebreiro are the most well-known Galician cheeses. But there are so many different varieties to try and to enjoy! The best place to find a great selection of Galician cheeses and get expert advice is Santiago’s marketplace (Rúa das Ameas).

Galician cheeses are usually mild in flavor, like the iconic tetilla cheese, which is probably the most famous of all the Galician cheeses outside of Galicia. It’s one of our favorite gourmet food gifts from Santiago and is an iconic representation of Galician cheese! But those who like stronger flavors might enjoy the San Simón da Costa which has been smoked with birch wood and matured for longer than the mild, creamy tetilla. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be a welcome gift from your Galician vacation!

Try two of these amazing local cheeses at Santiago’s buzzing marketplace with a local, expert guide on our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure!

Local cheese makes fantastic gourmet food gifts from Santiago! Don't forget to pick up some of these Galician favorites for friends and family back home.
A great selection of Galician cheeses!


Who doesn’t love sampling local chocolate on vacation? Galicians have a real sweet tooth, so it’s a must in Galicia! Especially because Galicia was one of the first places in Europe to receive cocoa from Mexico! Galicia’s history with chocolate makes this one of the best gourmet food gifts from Santiago. Centuries ago Santiago’s streets would smell of chocolate as the family-run chocolate makers in the city produced this sweet treat! Nowadays there are a few places where you can still find high-quality chocolate. Check out Doce Amargor in Santiago’s marketplace (Plaza de Abastos, 6) for locally made chocolate with very Galician flavors. We love the licor de café (coffee liqueur) chocolate bar!

Don't leave without some fantastic local chocolate as gourmet food gifts from Santiago! Everyone loves to receive chocolate!
An amazing array of artisanal chocolates! Photo Credit: Justin Sewell

Cured Meats

Spain is such a meat-loving country that it’s no wonder some of the tastiest and most world-renowned cured meats originated here! Chorizo (cured spicy sausage), jamón (cured ham) and salchichón (cured sausage) are all must-trys on your Galician vacation. Once you’ve tried them you’ll most likely be wondering where to get some to take home, because they are fantastic gourmet food gifts from Santiago! Pop into Buenjamón (Rua Caldeireria 31) for all your cured meats needs! They’re ham specialists but you’ll also find other cured meat specialties like cured sausages. Just remember that some countries restrict the entry of animal products—check the regulations first!


You can’t leave Galicia without trying the top-quality local wines. From albariño to mencia, Galician wines are light, fruity and excellent as gourmet food gifts from Santiago! They may be relatively unknown outside of Spain (apart from the famous white albariño), but that just makes them an even better foodie gift to give! For expert advice and more Galician wine than you’ve ever seen, head to Gastroteca SCQ (Rúa do Preguntoiro, 34) for a great selection of the local liquid gold!

Gourmet food gifts from Santiago can be tricky to find, but not if you take home a bottle of top quality Galician wine!
Light and refreshing Galician albariño wine!

If you want to try these gourmet foods for yourself, join us for a foodie tour in Santiago’s historic center and enjoy local wines, cheeses, chocolates, cured meats and more!

We’ll visit the locals’ favorite places to get a behind the scenes look (and taste!) at Santiago’s amazing gastronomy. With tours running Monday to Saturday there’s plenty of opportunity to join in the fun!

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