Celebrate Galician Cuisine: The Top Five Gastronomy Festivals in Galicia

From seafood to beef, wine to cheese, Galicia has a specialty in just about every genre of food!

These typical Galician plates and products are celebrated throughout the year at gastronomy festivals in the region. Galicians love a good party, and there’s no better way to celebrate than at one of the top five gastronomy festivals in Galicia!

If your trip to Galicia doesn’t happen to coincide with one of these festivals, fret not! You can also try any of these important Galician dishes right in Santiago. Join us on our Insider’s Tapas & Wine Evening Tour to eat some of the best tapas in the city. You’ll also try a variety of regional wines and learn all about the history and culture behind Galicia’s famed cuisine. No matter how you do it, Galician cuisine is something to celebrate!

Want to immerse yourself in Galician cuisine and culture? There's no better way than by checking out one of these top gastronomy festivals in Galicia! You'll rub elbows with the locals while learning about—and tasting!—their region's best products.

Festa do Pulpo in O Carballiño

Taking place on the second Sunday of August each year, this summer fest celebrates the most iconic Galician dish: octopus, or pulpo a feira. O Carballiño is about 40 miles outside Santiago and Vigo and you can reach it by car or train. The town has events every day for two weeks leading up to the big outdoor market and feast, including concerts, art exhibitions, and even a competition for the biggest octopus tapa in the world! Undoubtedly, this fortnight of fun and octopus makes it one of the essential gastronomy festivals in Galicia.

This year: August 14, 2017

If you can’t make it: Santiago has no shortage of places to try pulpo, but we recommend Bodegón Os Concheiros (Rúa de Berlin, 3) and Los Sobrinos del Padre (Rúa da Fonte de San Miguel, 6).

Boiled octopus, topped with paprika: One of the tastiest tapas in Santiago! Find it at one of our favorite gastronomy festivals in Galicia.
Fill up on all the octopus you can at the Festa do Pulpo in O Carballiño

Festa do Queixo in Arzúa

This late winter celebration is both a music festival and a gastronomy fair celebrating one of Galicia’s most scrumptious specialties: cheese! Located a 40 minute car or bus ride from Santiago, this is the place to catch local music acts at night or taste and buy various types of Galician cheeses (especially the local Arzúa cheese) at the bustling food festival during the day. How could this not be one of our favorite gastronomy festivals in Galicia?

This year: March 3 – 5, 2017 (always the first weekend of March)

If you can’t make it: Stop at specialty shop La Fromaxerí (Rúa San Pedro, 15) in Santiago for shopping, or O Filandón (Rúa da Acibechería, 6), a deli in the front, bar in the back where you can order delicious toasted bread with Galician cheeses and charcuterie!

At one of our favorite gastronomy festivals in Galicia you can taste and buy all kinds of Galician cheeses.
Festa do Queixo in Arzúa is one of our favorite places to try new cheeses

Festa do Marisco de O Grove

To many in Spain, seafood is synonymous with Galicia. Each summer, thousands of Spaniards flock to Galicia to enjoy the coast and the cuisine. This seafood festival celebrates not just Galician seafood and tourism itself, but those who dedicate their lives to these pillars of the Galician economy.

This year: October 5 – 15, 2017

If you can’t make it: Terra Nosa (Calle Nova De Abaixo, 5) and La Tacita de Juan (Calle del Hórreo, 31) in Santiago have impressive seafood offerings.

Cockles cooked to perfection. This simple Galician recipe is a hit at tapas bars in Santiago and a feature of the Festa do Marisco de O Grove, one of the top gastronomy festivals in Galicia.
Pay homage to Galicia’s unbelievable seafood at the Festa do Marisco de O Grove

Festa do Albariño in Cambados

Albariño is the most-consumed Galician wine in the world, and for good reason. This crisp white wine is fine and versatile in all of its variations, and pairs perfectly with Galician seafood and cheeses. In its 65th year of running, the Festa do Albariño is the place to try award winning wines, catch local acts in concert, and participate in cultural activities.

This year: August 2 – 6, 2017

If you can’t make it: Check out our list of best wine bars in Santiago! Each and every one has exquisite Albariño options.

At one of our favorite gastronomy festivals in Galicia, you can try delicious Albariño wines.
Enjoy Galicia’s most famous wine at the Festa do Albariño in Cambados

Festa da Empanada e do Ripote en Noia

Don’t be fooled by the more portable Latin American varieties: the Galician empanada is the original empanada! Noia celebrates this popular Galician tapa alongside ripote, a bun that is less famous but similarly filling at one of our favorite gastronomy festivals in Galicia. From Santiago, Noia is an hour bus ride or thirty minute car ride away. When at this essential gastronomy festival in Galicia, try the empanada with berberechos, or cockles. It’s supposedly the best in the world!

This year: August 26 – 27, 2017

If you can’t make it: Try the homemade empanada at O Gato Negro (Rúa da Raiña in Santiago). Accompany your hefty slice with wine straight from the barrel!

Galician Empanada is a delicious specialty pastry from the region. Celebrate it at one of the top gastronomy festivals in Galicia!
The perfect Galician empanada: crisp and packed with flavor!

Bonus: Santiago(é)tapas

Each autumn there’s a tapas festival in Santiago.  During this marvelous week, you get a deal on drinks and a specialty tapa at any of the participating bars. It’s also technically a competition for best tapa, so the tapas are extra tasty and inventive! After you eat, rate your plate!

If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate Galician gastronomy, join us on a tour in Santiago! On our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure, you’ll try all of the unmissable Galician dishes.

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