Relax and Watch the World Go By: Our Favorite Terraces in Santiago

Terraces in Santiago don't come any more green than this one! Cafe-Jardin Costa Vella is a great place to take a break and relax in the city.

You might think that Santiago’s characteristic rainy microclimate would preclude the existence of terrace bar/restaurant/café culture. Fortunately, you’d be wrong! On those occasional sunny days that make you want to kiss the Old Town’s beautiful cobblestone streets, you’ll be delighted that Santiago’s many plazas—both nearly secret and ostentatiously grand—and abundant greenery lend themselves to some […]

Delicious Tradition: Where to Eat Paella in Santiago

Looking for a delicious paella in Santiago? We've got our top picks for best places to eat rice in the city!

You might already know a thing or two about Spain’s most famous dish, paella. Originating in Valencia, this rice dish can include vegetables, seafood and meat! Did you know you can also find this wondrous dish in Galicia? When it comes to making a great paella, timing and ingredients are everything. Galicia’s superior seafood, meat and vegetable supplies give the […]

Rise and Shine! 5 Great Places for Breakfast in Santiago

From sweet to savory, these are our top picks for best breakfast in Santiago de Compostela.

While Spaniards don’t enjoy an elaborate breakfast on a regular basis, they certainly take the business of breakfast very seriously! Whether you opt for a liquid start to the day like a Spaniard or seek something more substantial, here are five great places for breakfast in Santiago.  Insider’s Tip: When heading out for breakfast in […]

Cheers! 5 Must-Try Wine Bars in Santiago de Compostela

Gourmet food gifts from Santiago can be tricky to find, but not if you take home a bottle of top quality Galician wine!

Home to five of Spain’s most prolific wine regions, Galicia will keep you sniffing, swishing and sipping throughout your visit. These must-try wine bars in Santiago will facilitate your sampling! Some of the finest seafood, cheeses and wine in the world are exported from Galicia, but the locals love to boast that they keep the […]

Fresh from the Oven: Our Favorite Pastry Shops in Santiago!

Breakfast should always be from a great local bakery in our opinion! These pastry shops in Santiago offer fantastic artisan croissants that are crying out to be eaten!

It seems like there’s a pastry shop around every corner in Galicia, but that shouldn’t be cause for concern! If you feel overwhelmed about where to go or what to order, fear not! Because here’s our list of our favorite pastry shops in Santiago! Pastelería Mercedes Mora This is one of our favorite pastry shops in […]

Rest Easy, Here are the Best Boutique Hotels in Santiago!

If you're looking for a boutique hotel in Santiago with great food as well as great rooms, this hotel is for you!

Are you planning your holiday in Santiago but not sure where to stay? This city has some really unique boutique hotels that are perfect for the more discerning traveler! Read on for our list of the best boutique hotels in Santiago. Hotel Gastronomico San Miguel Well-located just a stone’s throw away from the famous cathedral […]