The Best Churros and Chocolate in Santiago

Throughout Spain, churros with hot dark chocolate are a favorite, traditional sweet to enjoy for breakfast or a late afternoon snack. However, few places in Spain provide a better ambiance for this warm, comforting treat than Santiago.

Santiago’s characteristically drizzly weather undoubtedly has its charm, but if the sun fails to come out for a couple days on end, you’ll be glad to know where to find the best churros and chocolate in Santiago.

Chocolate and churros sprinkled with sugar, the perfect Spanish breakfast! Join us in exploring Santiago's traditional dishes on our Insider's Tapas & Wine Evening Tour!

Oftentimes, churrerías (cafés that specialize in churros) will appear as though oases when you’re walking through the rain, desperately looking for a dry place to warm up. But few things are more disappointing than a bad churro. Prepare for a long morning of sightseeing and avoid the disappointment of a bad churro with this curated guide of the best churros and chocolate in Santiago.

Spain was the first European country to import chocolate, and Spaniards have had 500 years to perfect the craft. In fact, churros con chocolate are such an indispensable part of the Spanish cuisine that we include a stop at a beloved chocolate shop on both our Insider’s Tapas & Wine Evening Tour and our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure. Join us on a tour to learn more about the history of Spanish cuisine and Galicia’s unique role. 

Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! That's how we like our churros. Sprinkled with sugar or dipped in chocolate? Join us on our Insider's Tapas & Wine Evening tour and decide how you like them best!
Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside – just how we like our churros!

Churrería San Pedro

At the far end of the cobblestoned section of Rúa San Pedro, you’ll find one of the best churrerías in Santiago. Crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside, these fresh churros are a perfect accompaniment for their warm, silky chocolate.

Address: Rúa de San Pedro, 121
Hours: Monday through Friday 6:0023:00; Saturday 7:0014:30; Sunday 7:0023:00

Café Iacobus

Crunchy and expertly fried with minimal oil residue, the churros at Café Iacobus are the perfect start to the morning. In addition to the traditional dark chocolate, they offer creamy hot white chocolate—a true rarity! If you think chocolate is too heavy for breakfast, they offer a wide variety of coffees that are perfect for dipping. Complete your breakfast with one of the delicious toasts on offer, or accompany your hot chocolate with one of their delicious cakes for a scrumptious afternoon pick-me-up.

Address: Rúa Caldeirería, 42
Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:001:00; Friday and Saturday 8:002:00; Sunday 15:0022:00

Hot chocolate and churros, part of a complete breakfast! Try some artisanal chocolate and a variety of other traditional Spanish treats on our Insider's Tapas & Wine Evening Tour in Santiago!

Chocolatería Metate

This small artisanal chocolate factory is conveniently located at the center of the Old Town. Chocolatería Metate is the place to get creative with your chocolate and freshly made churros. Order a side of marshmallows, add some whipped cream or even coffee liqueur and recharge your batteries before continuing your tour of the city. If you appreciate their dense and intense chocolate, you can buy some bars and make it back home!

Address: Rúa do Preguntoiro, 12
Hours: 7:003:00 daily (All day!)


When you eat breakfast at Paradiso, you might believe you’re still dreaming. It may sound a bit saccharine, but this charming bar in the Old Town makes us feel like we’re eating breakfast at home. The excellent staff serves up some of the best churros with chocolate in town. They also make an amazing tarta de Santiago—regional almond cake—which we’re not too shy to say goes perfectly with the rich, creamy chocolate.

Address: Rúa do Vilar, 29
Hours: Monday through Saturday 8:3022:00; Sunday 9:00 –22:00

Churros sprinkled with sugar and rich hot chocolate, a traditional Spanish combination we sample on our Santiago tours!
Perfectly fried churros and delicious hot chocolate at Paradiso

Café Venecia

There’s no sweet tooth that can’t be satisfied at Café Venecia. Coffees, teas, infusions and a wide assortment of baked goods make this the perfect place to start your day. They serve impeccably sweetened dark chocolate and churros toasted to perfection. Once your sweet tooth is indulged, choose from a variety of savory toasts.

Address: Rúa do Hórreo, 27
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:3022:00; Saturday 7:3015:00; Closed Sunday

Sprinkled with sugar or dipped in rich hot chocolate (or both!), churros make for a hearty breakfast before a day of sightseeing and a perfect afternoon snack. Join us on our Insider’s Tapas & Wine Evening Tour or our Hidden Santiago Food & Market Adventure and try some of our favorite chocolate in Santiago, along with many other Santiago specialties. Stay warm and, most of all, stay sweet!

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